Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Blog ( Veronica's Brainchild)

O.K. so here is the deal.  Did you ever notice with me there is always a deal.  I LOVE DEALS!!!! Anyways here is the scoop.  There I was getting on with my life when my wonderful buddy Veronica Funk decides to create me a new look and blog.  Yup, as you recall, she is the one who created my initial blog and here you have it.  My life has changed and been somewhat rearranged and so she thought I needed a new site. 

So if I am looking good out there, I do owe her alot.  She loves to keep me on my toes, growing, fresh and current.  Seriously if it wasn't for her prompting me forward in life, I would be quite happy painting in a back room somewhere.  It is good, to have people in your life who see your potential and keep you motivated and challenged.  Thanks Verony:)

So to keep up with the new groove, here it is  It will be a gradual return to the world of blogland for me.  I am currently getting ready for a show at the Airdrie Public Library from May to July.  Also packing and moving so April will be quite full. 

It was a real treat to have dinner with some of the Airdrie 7 gals.  We all lead busy lives and haven't been able to get together for a while, but did manage to get together last Friday evening.  Brenda Campbell graciously hosted us and prepared some artful food. A FEAST FOR THE EYES AND TUMMY!!!! Hopefully one day I shall post some of the yummies.  We ranted and raved over Michelle's salsa. We had a wonderful catch up time and alot of laughs.  Everyone has been up to some really great endeavors and I feel blessed to know these lovely ladies.  Thanks Veronica for taking some of my art home for the show!  They have volunteered to come out and help hang my show with me and then go out!!!! Is that an awesome bunch of buddies or what??? I am blessed!!

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  1. So happy to see this post and very excited about your new blog! I will head right over from here. Very glad to also hear about your show and your move! All wonderful things for wonderful you!!
    Three cheers for Vernonica for all of her support of your artwork and confidence in your abilities to go as far as you can imagine! Lots of best wishes and I am so proud of you!! hugs xxoo Jilly