Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Blog ( Veronica's Brainchild)

O.K. so here is the deal.  Did you ever notice with me there is always a deal.  I LOVE DEALS!!!! Anyways here is the scoop.  There I was getting on with my life when my wonderful buddy Veronica Funk decides to create me a new look and blog.  Yup, as you recall, she is the one who created my initial blog and here you have it.  My life has changed and been somewhat rearranged and so she thought I needed a new site. 

So if I am looking good out there, I do owe her alot.  She loves to keep me on my toes, growing, fresh and current.  Seriously if it wasn't for her prompting me forward in life, I would be quite happy painting in a back room somewhere.  It is good, to have people in your life who see your potential and keep you motivated and challenged.  Thanks Verony:)

So to keep up with the new groove, here it is  It will be a gradual return to the world of blogland for me.  I am currently getting ready for a show at the Airdrie Public Library from May to July.  Also packing and moving so April will be quite full. 

It was a real treat to have dinner with some of the Airdrie 7 gals.  We all lead busy lives and haven't been able to get together for a while, but did manage to get together last Friday evening.  Brenda Campbell graciously hosted us and prepared some artful food. A FEAST FOR THE EYES AND TUMMY!!!! Hopefully one day I shall post some of the yummies.  We ranted and raved over Michelle's salsa. We had a wonderful catch up time and alot of laughs.  Everyone has been up to some really great endeavors and I feel blessed to know these lovely ladies.  Thanks Veronica for taking some of my art home for the show!  They have volunteered to come out and help hang my show with me and then go out!!!! Is that an awesome bunch of buddies or what??? I am blessed!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013


While I have not posted for quite some time, life had me on a different journey.  Life happens, people change and circumstances come your way that you would not have planned or predicted or sometimes prepared for.  So I have taken steps to simplify and that meant not to blog for a season of life.  Still pondering it, the whole blog thing. 

My desire has always been to inspire and let folks know that if I can do it (art) that is, that so can you! To encourage the creative heart would have been the aim there I suppose.  To play, that is the key word there!!! That is what I do and have done in the making of my work.  Sometimes passionately and sometimes attempting something fearfully but still attempting.  I have a motto that is quite simple.  "Pull out all the stops and paint or create or sing or dance"  Just do something, and get that creative energy flowing and something great is just around the corner from that.  Another motto of mine is "So what if you make a misteak (Ha) you can always paint over it!!! Notice I made a mistake in that spelling, but in art I would have painted right over that and kept going. Any funny thing about that too if if you make the Miss a steak she would probably enjoy that!!! O.K. so I am getting tired and kinda corny huh????

My last post was about taking new steps.  That too if important in any aspect of life if you desire to sustain true growth.  New steps would also vary from person to person but extremely important in moving in the direction of your dreams and goals.

I am envisioning an exciting year full of HOPE, COLOR and JOY for Myself and all of you in blogland.  I told a friend today who just went through cancer and chemo treatment, "You gotta keep HOPE on a rope this year!!!!

Wishing you and yours a HaPpy ArTFuLL NeW YEaR!!!!!

Trust me my spelling antics will keep you on your toes if nothing else!!!

Warm Regards,

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Spring cleaning has its benefits. I was busy cleaning out my studio and setting things down here and there. TO MY DELIGHT I LOOKED DOWN AND LOW AND BEHOLD MY EYES FELL TO WHAT COULD BE THE BEGINNING OF A SET AND SCENE OF A PLAY. Some would call that a happy accident. While I totally did not stage this, no pun intended (Ha) I marvelled at the sight of what I discovered. I have this unfinished but recently started painting that I placed down on the floor next to my cuddly blanket. The shoes are kept in my space to remind myself of my grandson and I moved them and plunked them down on my blanket. The room got reorganized and to my delight and surprise when I went to put some items back, the thought went through my brain "Hey I could write a play about that." Maybe it would be to let the next generation know we are waiting for them to step forward and be all that they can be.

Now I know that I have lived on this earth long enough to know that everyone out there has some kind of fear or fears. Let face it if we are gonna have a bit of honest time it is truth, but even you and I can take a chance to bust out and break outta that by taking some kind of steps, even if they are baby steps. What is something you always wanted to do but have not done or even attempted yet??? Ask yourself that this week and I challenge you to begin to take the steps you need to take to get there. Remember even if they are small steps, you are probably headed in the right direction. So go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back and keep going will ya. There is a whole world out there waiting for your rainbow colored dance, or song or poem or story or sculpture or smile or friendship!!! Share what you've got and you will be given more. If you feel like "Hey you don't know me and how much I have tried and failed" Well I am here to tell you to pick yourself back up and dust yourself off and get back in this game called life, and it will only take a step or two to start! Now I am going to take my own advice and take some steps to go to bed but will challenge myself in the next few days to do somethings I have never done before.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I had a Smashing time at a friend's house this week. We are doing smashed tile backsplash work for her counter tops. They had ordered their new counter top and had it set it when yours truly stopped by. I couldn't resist mentioning how awesome and wonderful that kitchen could look with a bit of smashed tile work. Sooooooo, needless to say off she and I went (after of course checking in with her hubby) looking for the tile that awaited being broken only to be re-assembled.

Armed with hammers in one hand and tiles in other hand off we went to hammer things out. Was such fun and totally feels exciting to see all the pieces. O.K. so I need to get out more, but really was fun to have the pieces then check out a sample area of what we will lay out. We didn't glue anything down but will attempt that on another day.

Two Buds is a piece that I had finished a while back while working in this media. There are times in life when you might feel that you too were broken into a million pieces but I have good news for you! The God of the Universe specializes in putting broken lives back together again, infact I think it is His specialty!

Monday, January 30, 2012


WOW, SOMETHINGS ONE SHOULD PROBABLY NEVER POST!!!!! My niece and I were fooling around this summer with her camera. I totally forgot about this but somehow either her or her camera know how to do this stuff with stretching faces. We laughed our heads off. No more dignified look here, but on the lighter side of life I do LOVE comedy so if it can make you laugh here goes!